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The city's first suburb has transformed into one of Houston’s most vibrant urban communities today. Join us for a Members Only event to explore what’s next in the evolution of The Heights.

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Houston's first suburb was built on and named for its site on high land four miles morth of Downtown and bordered by White Oak Bayou. It was on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas rail line, stood 62 feet above sea level and 1.5 miles from Houston's Grand Central depot.  The 1,175-acre site of Houston Heights was subdivided into residential and industrial districts. Beginning in 1892, workers marked streets and alleys named for American colleges and universities, constructed Heights Boulevard, and laid an electric street railway system to connect the suburb to downtown Houston.

Today, the Heights is one of the City’s hottest urban neighborhoods.  With news of new projects hitting the streets almost daily, we stop to ask a few Heights insiders some key questions:

·       What unique aspects of the Heights make new development and investment within its boundaries attractive and challenging at the same time (e.g., “wet” and “dry” areas, historic districts, infrastructure)?

·       How does the heights stack up against other well-known neighborhoods in land values, demographics and accessibility?

·       How can the Heights embrace new development and still preserve its authentic character?

·       What high-impact projects are around the corner? 

·       Finally, what’s still missing?

We’ll answer all of these questions and more at this members-only happy hour event in the heart of the historic Houston Heights.


Historic Houston Heights Fire Station and City Hall
107 W. 12th @ Yale Street
Houston, TX 77008
-- Built in 1914, this building served as Houston Heights' original city hall, jail, and fire station.--


Bill Baldwin

Owner - Boulevard Realty

Dan Braun

President - Braun Enterprises

Chris Dray

Executive Vice President - Moody Rambin Interests

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