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Advisory Services

The objective of ULI Houston's Technical Assistance Panel (TAP), offered as an Advisory Service, is to provide expert, multidisciplinary advice on land use and real estate issues facing public agencies, non-profit organizations, and private land owners in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area.

Advisory Services

Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) are part of the Urban Land Institute Advisory Services Program. TAPs were specifically designed to be run and implemented by District Councils. ULI Advisory Services offers several options – project analysis sessions, fellows advisory panels, on-site analysis sessions, weeklong panels, technical assistance programs, advisory workshops, and special services. All of these have four characteristics in common:

  • A scope defined by the sponsor to ensure that their needs are met;
  • An objective team of experienced professionals who have addressed similar issues;
  • Practical recommendations that build on what you have already done; and,
  • The high-quality outcome for which ULI is known.

Panels range from week-long Advisory Services Panels that bring national experts to address larger scale, complex issues, to 2-day Technical Assistance Panels using local expertise on more focused, specific questions.

Typical TAP assignments for District Councils:

  • Most District Councils offer an average 2-3 TAPs a year.
  • Format is typically 1.5 days – 2 days.
  • District Councils recruit high-level volunteer panelists from the area.
  • In all cities, panelists must have no conflict of interest at the start of the TAP, and agree not to solicit work from the sponsor for one year following the TAP conclusion.
  • ULI experts volunteer their services, however a fee is charged support the ongoing operations of ULI, including staffing.
  • The fee for a typical TAP is $20,000 with an additional $5,000 for meeting facilities and meals, copywriting, graphic design and printing, and other out-of-pocket costs.



Redeveloping the East End, Catalysts for Sustainable Transitions

In recent years, neighborhoods within Houston’s most inner loop have experienced a high degree of redevelopment. Stoked by an influx of new residents attracted to downtown amenities and primed by the region’s growing economy, residential and commercial development has taken off in central Houston. Public and private investments in the public realm — from new light rail lines to mixed-use developments to significant greenspace improvements — have amplified this growth. Despite its rapid pace, new development and the benefits it brings has not spread evenly across the city’s central neighborhood.



Reimagining the Richmond Corridor

Once the epicenter of entertainment, dining and apartments catering to young professionals, Richmond Ave. west of Chimney Rock has faded. A ULI panel offered a new vision of a multipurpose collection of districts, but success hinges on uniting diverse interests to speak with a single, consistent voice.


Making the Case for Urban Green Space in Southeastern Downtown

SEdowntownTAPScreenshotULI Houston and a panel of experts explore options to revitalize and reimagine a greener, more vibrant future for Southeast Downtown Houston.

View or download a free copy of the report HERE.

 Transit-Oriented Transformation on the Near Northside

Screenshot MetroTAPImproving pedestrian access to encourage greater use of the new north extension of the Red Line. Envisioning and urging better land use for the community, the university and the transit authority.

View or download a free copy of the report HERE.

The Discovery District: A Road Map and Toolkit to Connect, Catalyze and Capitalize the Transformation of Downtown Houston

Screenshot 2015-01-06 18.12.07The findings of this TAP provided the basis for the Downtown Living Initiatives 380 Program, and spurred residential development in the city’s urban core.

View or download a free copy of the report HERE

Montrose at the Crossroads

Screenshot 2015-01-06 18.18.42Findings from the Houston Technical Assistance Panel produced for organizing sponsors, Blueprint Houston and the Neartown Association

View or download a free copy of the report HERE.



Sustainable Neighborhoods for Galveston

Rebuilding Galveston after hurricane Ike.
ULI outreach to the City of Galveston and Galveston Housing Authority in the aftermath of hurricane Ike included a pro bono national advisory service panel and ongoing technical assistance from volunteer experts in the Houston District Council.

View the National Advisory Panel Report HERE.