Young Leader Mentorship Program

ULI Houston is preparing to launch its fourth year of the Young Leader Mentorship Program, which will run from May 2014 to April 2015. The mission of this program is to provide an opportunity for ULI Young Leaders and veteran ULI members to create lasting professional relationships by sharing knowledge and experiences in an intimate small-group setting.

Groups will consist of four young leaders and one mentor each, and will meet a minimum of four times over the course of the program year. Most groups choose to meet during the week, a mixture of before/during/after business hours, but it each group will decide the form and timing of their specific meetings. The program will begin with a kickoff event in May to give an overview of the program and introduce all the mentors participating.

Participation is restricted to ULI members only, and selection is based upon a competitive application process. In order to ensure that the small groups of mentors and mentees have a balanced representation of diverse fields, backgrounds and interests, not every request can be granted. If a candidate is not accepted in any one year, we encourage re-applying in a subsequent year.

(Note: 100% attendance and participation in each meeting over the course of a full year is expected. Those interested in participating should become familiar with the application criteria and, prior to applying, verify with their employer/boss that their work schedule will allow the flexibility to participate.)

Deadline for applications for 2014-2015 are due Friday, April 11, 2014. Applicants will be notified of the group selections by the end of April.

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