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Community Revitalization Through HUD Choice Neighborhood Grants

Community revitalization is a hot topic in urban planning, as major metropolitan areas are increasingly finding it necessary to address long-neglected areas in the urban core. While gentrification is oftentimes seen as a way to improve urban areas, this development often happens organically and leaves behind some of the most neglected areas of a city. To facilitate real change in urban areas, targeted grant money, as well as cooperation between local and federal housing authorities, has been shown to have a major impact on neglected communities. The Larimer and East … Read More

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Research Symposium Delivers New Insights on Gentrification

Gentrification is a growing concern for many urban-core neighborhoods nationwide, including those in the Houston area. Gentrification refers to the movement of higher-income groups into previously low-income areas. The concern stems from the idea that rising demand for housing in gentrifying neighborhoods leads to a decrease in affordability for that housing market, increasing the potential for displacing long-term, low-income residents. New insights into the causes and effects of gentrification were presented during the “Research Symposium on Gentrification and Neighborhood Change” hosted in May 2016 by the Federal Reserve Bank of … Read More

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Stronger Suburbs

Houston’s suburbs must share innovations, successes and lessons learned to ensure prosperity HOUSTON – (Nov. 17, 2016) – Houston’s suburbs must share innovations, successes and lessons learned from mistakes to ensure long-term prosperity, according to a new study commissioned by Urban Land Institute – Houston (ULI Houston) and conducted by Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research. “Building Stronger Suburbs: Adaptability and Resilience Best Practices from Suburban Houston” examines best practices for adaptability and resilience in suburban living. The study is based on five case studies from across the Houston region … Read More

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