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Redeveloping the East End, Catalysts for Sustainable Transitions

In recent years, neighborhoods within Houston’s most inner loop have experienced a high degree of redevelopment. Stoked by an influx of new residents attracted to downtown amenities and primed by the region’s growing economy, residential and commercial development has taken off in central Houston. Public and private investments in the public realm — from new light rail lines to mixed-use developments to significant green space improvements — have amplified this growth. Despite its rapid pace, new development and the benefits it brings has not spread evenly across the city’s central neighborhood.

The full report and additional information on the East End can be found below.

East End Full Report
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East End Findings Overview

  • Five main catalyst areas
  • Residential gentrification – moving from west to east
    • Townhomes in the vanguard
    • Single family rehab and preservation
    • Multifamily eventually to follow
    • Affordable housing – the time to preserve is now
  • Attractive to independent, creative, unique businesses and retail
  • Chain retail – slow development
    • Low densities
    • Legacy demographics

A sample of recent CDS East End work:
Greater East End Economic Development Strategy


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