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Urban Land Institute Featured on Houston Public Media

Findings from a report conducted by the Urban Land institute were the recent topic for a radio segment on Houston Public Media.

Ed McMahon, Urban Land Institute – Houston member, spoke on the program about the study “Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier,” which examines integrating active transportation options, such as walking and biking areas, with future real estate developments.

McMahon explained that while often thought of as secondary elements, features such as trails, bike lanes, bike‐share stations, and sidewalks add value to development projects and are often met with reciprocal investment and development from the public sector. He explained changing tastes among consumers have led to a growing market demand for these features.

“If you go into a community and somebody says, well, no one in our community will ever ride a bicycle, usually it’s because there’s nowhere to ride the bicycle. And when a city like Houston and so many others start actually investing even small amounts of money in alternative ways to get around, people love to have more options and choices,” said McMahon.

A clip of the radio broadcast is available via the Houston Public Media Website.

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