Urban Innovation Toolkit

Urban Innovation Toolkit

ULI Urban Innovation Grant Partners are developing a toolkit for high impact redevelopment in historically underserved areas. Funded by a ULI Urban Innovation Grant , matching grants, and assistance from 15 public and private-sector partners, the first toolkit has been developed for a defined study area within Houston’s historic Third Ward community.

The toolkit consists of information, processes and resources intended to foster public + private sector collaboration that results in investment in new development projects. Its purpose is to find innovative and effective ways to balance neighborhood interests with public policy and private investment in communities poised for redevelopment.

What is in the toolkit?

  • Community Engagement

Solution-oriented community meetings directed by community leaders and expert facilitators to define desired outcomes: identifying Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results within a defined area of the Third Ward.

  • Role Models

Presentations by leading experts with a demonstrated ability to transform communities.

  • Market Research / Background Briefings

Compilation of historical and current data on market conditions, demographics, major landowners, and trends that present challenges and opportunities in the study area.


Technical Assistance Program panel convened by ULI with national and local experts to identify partners, opportunity areas, and implementation strategies.

  • Online Clearinghouse

A resource to put all of this information online, and help connect interested developers with information resources and other sources of investment, experience, and advice.

  • ULI Houston Housing & Community Development Council

ULI Members who share a common interest in providing housing and community development to benefit people at all income level, assisting with implementation of recommended strategies.