Third Ward

The project area is at the nexus of two new rail lines and flanked by two anchor institutions of higher learning, University of Houston and Texas Southern University. Developing and applying a set of tools to attract and reward high-quality, sensitive and sustainable redevelopment to this high-visibility area will give this new toolkit the best chance for applicability to Houston’s diverse neighborhoods.

ULI Priorities Addressed:

  1. Promoting Intelligent Densification and Urbanization
  2. Creating Resilient Communities
  3. Understanding Demand and Market Forces

Market Research and Analysis

City of Houston Department of Planning & Development has prepared a presentation including:

  • Location
  • Historical Change
  • List of Previous Studies and Ordinances for the Area
  • Existing Conditions
  • Demographics
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Land Use
  • Infrastructure
  • Additional Information Resources


The Third Ward has been studied extensively and multiple plans exist for redevelopment/revitalization. Rather than duplicate the work that has been done, this process will leverage existing studies.