Leadership Committees

As a member-based organization, none of our work would be possible without the support of our volunteer committees. These committees are comprised of ULI members and represent every sector of the industry. ULI District Council committees are well-balanced and well-equipped to seek out innovative solutions. And as a result, ULI has become the go-to organization to provide expertise and insight to policymakers, business and community leaders.

Leadership Committees

ULI members represent—and are the leaders of—every sector of the industry, as well as the public and non-profit sectors. ULI District Council committees are well-balanced and well-equipped to seek out innovative solutions. And as a result, ULI has become the go-to organization to provide expertise and insight to policymakers, business and community leaders.

Every attempt will be made to match your request with your preferred opportunity for service. However, since committee sizes are limited, and a diverse mix of professional backgrounds is needed, not all first-choices can be accommodated.


Advisory Services

Identify potential Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) projects; help staff panel and issue final report. TAPs are one-day, localized versions of the highly-regarded ULI Advisory Service Panels. If possible, serve on National Advisory Services Panels and promote such service to members.
Meeting Commitment: Meet quarterly and serve on TAP panels when possible. Committee work is ongoing.
Special Expertise Needed: Prior service on a ULI Advisory Service Panel is desirable but not required


Plan and execute annual ULI Houston Development of Distinction Awards Program to identify, recognize and reward best practices in real estate development. The local awards ceremony is modeled on the ULI Awards for Excellence-Americas program, and local winners will be encouraged and supported in their efforts to apply for the
national award.
Meeting Commitment: Meet monthly beginning in March to plan awards event, solicit nominations and sponsorships, market the event, which is held in January.

Building Healthy Places

ULI’s multifaceted Building Healthy Places program includes research and publications, convenings, and advisory activities to leverage the power of the Institute’s global networks to shape projects and places in ways that improve the health of people and communities. This group will assist with the implementation of Building Healthy Places in Texas programs, research and publications.
Meeting Commitment: Meet quarterly. The work of the BHP Committee is ongoing.


Assist with planning and implementation of ULI communications in all media platforms to create a consistent, accurate, and high quality reflection of the organization.
Meeting Commitment: Monthly, with occasional requests for assistance on as-needed basis.


The ULI Houston Membership Committee works on recruitment, engagement, and retention strategies to ensure that ULI Houston’s membership base is healthy and diverse. Committee members extend a personal welcome to new members and follow up with non-member leads to explain membership benefits.
Meeting Commitment: Meet monthly year-round


Identify, contact, and schedule engaging speakers on relevant topics for Monthly Luncheons. Create new programs consistent with the ULI brand and mission, which also form the backbone of all ULI activities. As needed, develop new programs to promote membership, such as Members-only events, and sponsorship through new signature events.
Meeting Commitment: Meet monthly to plan future programs and review performance of past programs. Maintain program calendar 6 months in advance.

Sponsorship and Finance

Conduct Annual Sponsorship campaign to support programming and outreach activities of ULI Houston. Work with other committee chairs to increase funding for their initiatives and to manage multiple sponsorship solicitations of key sponsors. Advise and provide financial oversight to Executive Director and Chair, assisting them in maintaining a sound financial basis for achieving District Council mission, goals and objectives.
Meeting Commitment: Monthly during period leading up to and during Annual Sponsorship campaign (April-July); quarterly for rest of year

Sporting Clays Tournament

Plan sporting clays tournament fundraiser to support outreach activities of ULI Houston at the University of Houston. Responsibilities include sponsorship, marketing, event coordination, managing budget and reporting to Management Committee.
Meeting Commitment: Monthly beginning in April with tournament scheduled in early Fall

Suburban Development 

Devise programs and initiatives that raise the profile of quality metropolitan area suburban development within ULI Houston. Increase awareness of ULI resources among suburban developers, and build stronger relationships with them. Promote high quality suburban development. Plan, solicit sponsorship, and execute semi-annual half-day Suburban Marketplace Conferences in the Spring of 2016.
Meeting Commitment: Meet quarterly; Suburban Marketplace Conference subcommittee will meet monthly in years when Suburban Marketplace is held.

Urban Communities/Urban Marketplace 

Promote best practices in development in urban communities, defined as inner city, infill/mature neighborhoods that are highly diverse culturally and economically. Bring key stakeholders together through semi-annual Urban Marketplace event to raise awareness of redevelopment opportunities, and supply the essential pieces of an economically healthy and vital neighborhood.
Meeting Commitment: Meet monthly to develop, plan, solicit sponsorships and execute semiannual Urban Marketplace event. In years when Urban Marketplace is not held, meet quarterly.

Women’s Leadership Initiative

The mission of the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative is to raise the visibility and number of women leaders and ULI and the real estate industry. WLI provides scholarships to national meetings and regularly hosts high-level conversations with accomplished women leaders. Each District Council’s WLI is a local liaison to coordinate WLI activities with the national WLI, and to build attendance at WLI programs at national Spring and Fall Meetings.
Meeting Commitment: Upcoming meeting schedule TBD.

Young Leaders

Plan monthly programs for ULI Young Leaders (ULI members under 35), and devise other programs or initiatives of interest to the YL group. Identify committee service opportunities in each of the other ULI Leadership Committees for YL Members, and assist in populating those committees with YLs.
Meeting Commitment: Meet quarterly to plan programs; each member will be responsible for planning at least one event per year. YL Chair meet annually with other District Council Committee Chairs to identify potential YL members to serve on their committees.